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"Many of us purchase self-help books, listen to motivational audios, attend motivational and self improvement seminars, or register for "Success Coaching" by self help gurus and in the end, discover everything we try doesn't change anything. Why?"

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a few quick questions:

  • Are you still trying to achieve all you want in life?
  • Are you unhappy with your work and wish you loved what you do?
  • Given the current economy, is losing your job or business a primary concern?
  • Are you constantly broke and in debt?
  • " Are you unhappy with your relationship with your spouse and your family? Is it not the relationship that you envisioned?

    If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions I encourage you to read on...

    There must be something more that you desire and want more in your life, right?

    By reading on I can promise you that you'll discover the missing puzzle piece that you couldn't find anywhere else!

    Not only that, I want you to STOP beating yourself up so much, and I really want to tell you that...

    It's NOT Your Fault That You Are
    In The Situation You Are Today!

    But who am I to say that to you? (Please read on...)

    I'm an international speaker, trainer and best-selling author of several books, including Disciplined For Life.

    For the past 15 years, I have been living the life of my dreams. I can honestly say I love what I do.

    I speak and train thousands of people every single year on sales, motivation, team skills and discipline. (I have a specific reason for asking those earlier questions and I'll reveal that shortly...)

    I'm often featured on national television shows, radio, newspaper articles and magazines.

    In fact, I'm financially free at this point. I do NOT have to work anymore.

    My waterfront house is fully paid off. I have passive income every single month, even if I don't pursue speaking or training engagements.

    Most importantly, I'm not even concerned about the current economy, as I have determined my personal future (as you will too) once you learn my 12 Disciplines for getting the life you want and deserve.

    I live with my beautiful wife, my wonderful children and grandchild.

    I wake up every single day, feeling full of energy, happy, peaceful and most importantly, I'm thankful for all I have in my life.

    Trust me! This feeling is awesome, and I can feel the abundance that life has to offer.

    The reason I still work so hard, fly thousands of miles every year, speak to thousands of people, and created this website with my coaching programs is so that...

    I Can Help You Make A Difference In Your Life!


    As I'm having fun, flying around, speaking and training, I have only one purpose. That purpose is to spread my experience and successes to as many people as possible around the world.

    I'm really blessed to have achieved all my dreams and goals in life.


    My life was not always smooth sailing. Why do you think I can ask you the questions above and be making such bold statements?

    It's because before I made it to where I am now, I was no different from you.

    I had bought piles of books, audio tapes, and attended almost all the personal development seminars I could find and afford.

    Not only that...

    I was like you, believing all the self-help gurus who said that I needed to get more books, audios and seminars so that I could achieve all that I wanted.

    So, I keep searching, listening, reading and attending, constantly looking for the secret, so that I too can be successful.


    I was Completely Lost, Broke And Devastated!

    The lowest point of my life was in my twenties, when I just got married, my wife was having our first baby, and I was flat broke!

    At that point in my life, I wasn't even thinking of putting food on my table, I was desperate to get a roof over our head.

    I become so desperate that I had to borrow money from my friend's wedding envelopes to use as a down payment on my first house. (You heard right! My best friend received monetary gifts on his wedding day, and I had to borrow from him.)


    One Morning Saved My Day!

    I was really sick and tired of my life. It got to the point where I had to tell myself that I needed to do something to change my situation.

    That morning, I called in sick to work. I stayed home that morning, took out a few sheets of paper and started to write...

    At the time I was flat broke, desperate and at my lowest point in life. The only thought in my mind was how I could fast forward to the present.

    I can't tell you I found all the answers that day. What came from that reflection was a steady upward climb in my life as I began to recognize the things I needed to do to get where I wanted.

    Finally, After 30 Years, I Arrived at the TRUTH!

    I think you should start reading this seriously and realizing it is your gateway to success.

    Because the information contained in Disciplined for Life is not available anywhere else.

    Almost all self-help gurus tell you what to do, how to follow a system or to use their plan.


    Whose Plan Is That?

    Every human being on this earth is different, and even our thumb prints are unique.

    How can you be sure the plan that's given to you actually works for you?

    Remember, you are unique and that's why you need to rely on your own definition of success and dreams. Stop living other people's dreams, and start writing yours down today.

    Even if you are successful, who has defined "success" in your life?

    Does becoming an instant millionaire tomorrow take away all your money worries, and give you all the happiness and success you always wanted?

    Are You Ready For The Real Truth?

    There's only ONE universal method to achieve your dreams.

    This technique has been used for thousands of years by police, investigators, hypnosis masters, and, of course, successful people all over the world.

    And this is the method that I used when I was writing on that piece of paper.

    After that morning, when I called in sick to work and sat down at my dining table with several pieces of paper and a pen; I used this powerful method - the method of questioning.

    Here's what I did...

    I asked myself, "if there's no limit to what I really can achieve in my life; and if there's no way I can fail and if there's a genie in front of me, granting all my wishes, what would I write? What would life be like...

    ...In 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and 30 years later?

    That morning I wrote down my life plan. I wrote about my own life, about how I wanted to live, and about what kind of relationships, homes, cars, luxuries, and lifestyle I also wanted.

    Most importantly, I wrote all the things that I wanted, and not what others wanted!

    Miraculously, all that I had envisioned came true for me, one by one, over the last 30 years...

    By doing that, my best-selling book, Disciplined For Life, You Are The Author Of Your Future was born. After using the universal method that I know worked for me and thousands of others, I know it's time to share my gifts and talents with you!

    Before I share more about Disciplined For Life, read what some of my friends and clients have to say...

    "This fast-moving and enjoyable book gives you a specific 12-part program you can follow to become the kind of person you want to become and achieve any goal you can set for yourself."


    Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International
    Author of Maximum Achievement and Advanced Selling Strategies

    "Our authority comes from our authorship - our ability to create our own story and live our dream. In today's fast changing world, Bob's insights into what it takes to author our future are precise and timely.

    Bob is an extraordinary individual and this is an extraordinary book. Treat these 12 steps as a running jump into your future. Take them, use them, run with them and fly."

    Roger Hamilton, Chairman
    XL Results Foundation

    "Success requires discipline. Bob Urichuck sets the example and provides you with the step-by-step approach.

    Everything you need to live the life of your dreams is included in these 12 Disciplines. Don't just read it, do it!"

    Richard Tan, Managing Director
    Success Resources Pte Ltd

    "This is an incredible book. It changes lives in very profound ways, and even more important, the changes are not transient, they stick.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about living a happy, healthy and successful life. Be prepared, you will not be the same afterwards!"

    Dr. Sharon Rolbin
    Author of Surviving Organizational Insanity

    And this book is...

    Backed By 30 Years Of Experience, Success,
    And Success Stories Of Thousands
    And Thousands Of Others...

    The entire book is filled with questions that allow you to find the answers found hidden deep inside your heart and soul.

    Nobody but you will know the answers. Just like nobody can walk the journey for you.

    Make this book as your personal life journey, your personal diary or even your personal treasure that you may pass on to your children and grandchildren.

    This book will be your legacy! I know it was for me and for many others!

    Here's what you'll discover...

    • Learn how to write down your own dreams in writing and make them a reality.
    • The biggest difference among millions of other personal development books on this topic.
    • Discover how you are already successful. Even though I've never met you, I guarantee you already are successful!
    • Learn how to be the author of your own future. I will guide you step by step, just follow me.
    • Understand the true meaning of motivation.
    • Why external motivation doesn't last, and why you should run away from it!
    • Using the rule of 3+ to get to the real truth and discover what you really want
    • Discover the "10 Rights In Your Life" in detail and internalize them into your daily habits.
    • Learn the acronym for C.H.A.N.G.E, and you'll love to transform all your weaknesses into strengths... instantly.
    • You have the right to fail, and by failing, you have the potential to double, triple or even quadruple your success rate.
    • Discover the first step to making a successful decision?
    • Determine what things we can control versus what we cannot change, and master how to focus on things you can control in order to shape your destiny.
    • Finally, discover the real secret behind the Law Of Attraction, backed by personal real life experiences. (It's on page 51)
    • Another, real life incident illustrates how to take control of your own thoughts, so that you can shape your destiny. (You must READ this, on page 57)
    • The power of 21 days, and how it will help you to create new habits and live the life of your dreams.
    • Learn how to rate yourself. No matter what score you give yourself, you'll master how to instantly change the score into a perfect 10. (Tip: It's not some hokey pokey motivation)
    • Do you know exactly who you are? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Disciplined 4 will help you to discover who you are, maybe for the first time in your life.
    • Discover what exactly crystallizes your dreams and what dramatically increases their chances of becoming a reality.
    • Master how to group, categorize and prioritize all your dreams, goals and desires. These are the stepping stones.
    • A goal without a deadline is merely a dream.
    • Let me take you by the hand, step-by-step, and map out all your dreams and goals so they can become a reality.
    • You'll learn how to identify what you are prepared to give in exchange for all your goals.
    • 8 specific reasons why you need to set goals, and how it will help you realize all your dreams. (on page 134)
    • Master using a goal log, and understand it's a critical step and tool necessary to realize your dreams. (If you have been setting goals and not achieving them, you'll need this tool.)
    • Using my method of understanding the Law of Attraction, master how to attract your goals to you faster than you expected. (I'll tell you my story and how I did it in 4 years, instead of 5, on page 138)
    • Using my specific Bob's Action Plan, I'll show you step-by-step how I constructed my waterfront house (photo above). (If I can build my dream house with this action plan, I'm sure you can do it too!)
    • Find out how just by spending 1 hour of your time dedicating to yourself every day, you are almost guaranteed to achieve your goals.
    • Grab my personal success "secret" to transform you into being action-oriented and having a do-it-now attitude, in just 30 days.
    • Discover the slight difference between "dreaming about having something" and "visualizing having it in the future". This slight difference makes all the world of difference, and why 95% of people do not see the Law of Attraction working for themselves.
    • Why performing this "important task" every night before you go to bed will dramatically eliminate your chances for procrastination... (It's not visualization!)
    • Why having 25 check marks out of 31 days is so critical towards developing disciplines, habits and making all your dreams come true.
    • I'll show you how simple check marks are used in Discipline #11 to effectively allow you to realize all your dreams into reality. (I know it works for me and thousands others)
    • If there's only ONE page to read in this book, it's page 184. All I can say is... it'll instantly transform your perception of how fortunate you are right now, this minute!
    • My personal acronym of the word G.R.E.A.T (Read Discipline #12 to find out the answer)

      Disciplined For Life has 2 major parts to it...

      • Part 1: You'll go through a process of self-discovery and self-understanding, and also understand your motives.
      • Part 2: You'll crystallize your future into an action plan. And put the plan into action.

        All together there are 12 disciplines in this book!

        Each discipline is specifically selected to be part of the book. It's just like a jigsaw puzzle, they are inter-dependent and neither one will work without the other.

        If you only utilize one or two disciplines, you'll have only one or two pieces of the puzzle and you'll not get the entire picture.

        And if you have finished taking action up till Discipline #11, that doesn't work either, as it's as good as telling yourself to complete the entire puzzle with the center piece missing.

        So, all 12 disciplines are needed! I cannot emphasise enough how importance this is!

        "We can all get more out of lives if we know how. Bob Urichuck's book gives us the blueprint. Read it, follow the guidelines and meet a whole new you."

        Patricia Fripp, Past President, National Speakers Association
        Author of Get What You Want

        And that is also one of the major reasons why most seminars, books, and audios that you listen to seem incomplete. That's because they are only touching on one or two pieces of the puzzle.

        Let's assume you were to get all 12 different books on 12 different topics on the 12 disciplines.

        That's only assuming your first 12 books are the only 12 books you'll ever get and that will give you the complete solution for your success. We know this is not the case!

        Subsequently, let's give each book an average price tag of about $24.90. Therefore, a total of 12 books will be worth at least $298.80, which is almost $300!

        Wouldn't you agree with me that if Disciplined For Life gives you a simple, never before revealed, step-by-step blueprint of how to achieve exactly what you want in life and the true cause for success in life...

        ...including making more money, enjoying complete time freedom, possessing unshakeable confidence, gratitude for a fulfilling marriage, and loving family, or whatever you desire - you would invest at least $300, or maybe even $3,000 on it!

        Just step back, take a calculator, stay by your bookshelf, and start totalling up all your books, audio tapes and folders from the seminars that you have attended. How much have you invested in your lifetime with no return on your investment?

        I have often heard from my students and clients, claiming that Disciplined For Life should be worth at least the price of a one day seminar, which is at least $495.

        "I have read many books of this genre and tire of wading through 500-1000 pages to get to the substance. Your book takes the opposite approach. It is entirely pragmatic and to the point. I much prefer your approach.

        Any one who wants to change their life for the better, has the tools immediately available in this book."

        John McClelland
        Facilities Commercial Realty Inc.

        Writing this book is important to me! Sharing and spreading the message is even more critical for me!

        I came to realize it's my duty to do that, and with all the success I'm having, I feel that...

        It's My Duty To Help You To Achieve Yours Too!

        And it's no coincidence that you have been reading this far right now. I believe there are no accidents in our life. We attract what we think and what we search.

        So I'd like you to try my three free chapters and get to know what Disciplined for Life is all about. And when you purchase the book I'm even going to throw in some extras.

        You'll Stand To Receive 3 More Bonuses
        Worth Over $245! (For A Limited Time Period Only)

        Bonus #1 - Disciplined For Life Workbook (Worth $49.95)

        The main book, Disciplined For Life, is already like a workbook, with lines, questions and also blank spaces for you to write. However, I realize that many people want to take care of their book and not write on the pages.

        Instead they want to use another book or sheets of paper which may get lost along the way. This prompted me to create a workbook.

        You'll be able to print it out and write on it like a workbook. I guarantee you'll get more out of the workbook, while using it in simultaneously with the main book.

        It MUST come as a pair, and will lose its purpose or power if separated! All you need to is say Yes!" and you'll get this workbook for Free.

        Bonus #2 - Disciplined For Life Audio (Worth $97)

        Recently, I was invited by Success University, the most visited online personal development website, to do a teleseminar for all their members. I took advantage of the full 60 minutes and spoke about Disciplined For Life!

        The response was overwhelming following the tele-class, I get tons of emails asking me more questions and thanking me for inspiring them to take control of their life!

        (Here's some of them!)

        This quick 60 minute audio is great to listen to first. You will get an overview of all the 12 disciplines and can start working on each of them beginning with Discipline #1.

        It's only right for me to include this as part of the bonus if you decide to order the book right now.

        Bonus #3 - Disciplined For Life 2 Month Access To Bob's Personal Teleseminar (Worth $99.90)

        I know many people who buy this package will NOT take action after that! That's why they need successful personal coaching or mentorship; something I believe in strongly.

        So when you purchase Disciplined for Life you will have access to my monthly teleseminar for two months, free of charge. Every month is a new topic designed to keep you on track with your own journey. I'll cover specific Disciplines in detail each month. I'm sure you'll love it and opt to continue after your trial has ended.

        There are millions of books in the market on this topic. However, they all tell you what to do. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what your dreams are or what your future will be, because...

        Only You Can Do That!

        One of the best stories I ever heard was Russell Conwell's famous tale of the Acres of Diamonds. It explains it all. It's not about the diamond that's out there that you're looking for, but rather it's the diamond found in your own backyard, the backyard of your own mind!

        Today, success is not just about material things, it's about you. Success is not about how society sees you; it's about how you see yourself.

        "For years, I've tried to master self-discipline with books, seminars and re-learning. Reading Bob's 12 Disciplines gave me an instant road map - to organize my priorities.

        What Bob said in the book reinforces my belief that personal values are more important than hard work. Working hard without a road map leads us to directions all over. Work smart with a goal makes a world of difference"

        Aileen Tan, Executive Director
        McKee Fehl Contractors (Asia) Pte Ltd.

        Take this opportunity to look inside yourself and...

        Learn How You Too Can Be As Successful
        As You Want To Be!

        I really want you to take up this entire offer. I know what it's like to be flat broke, desperate, and completely lost. I have been through it all. I didn't like it either, in fact, I hated it...

        And in order to show you how confident I am in terms of what I'm teaching, I will give you an iron-clad money back guarantee.

        This is no ordinary money back guarantee you get from books, audios, or even seminars. It's not even 30, 60 or 90 day guarantee.

        Yes! I'm going to give you 365 day guarantee, ONE full year, to read my book, to join the coaching club, to listen to the audio, to email me; and then; if on the 364th day following your order, you decide it doesn't work for you...

        Send me an email, and I'll gladly refund your money in full! Not only that, you'll get to keep all the audios, books and workbook. Fair?

        So, Now Is Decision Time!

        What's happening right now in your life is not happening to you as a result of chance. Your past decisions helped you create the life you have now.

        All I can say is that Disciplined For Life has been proven successful by thousands of people I've met around the world, and you are no different. You too can achieve all you want in your life right now!

        So, in order to help you make a sound decision for your future, here's what you'll get:

        YES! Rush me Bob Urichuck's Disciplined For Life course to help me properly set goals, achieve all my dreams, be more disciplined, and to author my own future...

        I understand that I get the entire package for ONLY $37, along with these three FREE bonus gifts worth well over $245!

        • FREE - Disciplined For Life Workbook
          (Worth $49.95)
        • FREE - Disciplined For Life 60minute Mp3 Audio (Worth $97)
        • FREE - Disciplined For Life 2 Months of Bob's Personal Coaching Teleseminar (Worth $99.90)

          I also understand, in order to save shipping cost, the Disciplined For Life course will be in digital format, and all downloadable onto my computer unless I opt for a personalized signed copy.

          The book and workbook will be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and can be opened even if I have a MAC or PC. The Audio will be in Mp3 format, which I can listen to on my computer, burn onto an audio CD, or transfer to my iPod for listening.

          I will receive details regarding access to Bob's Personal Coaching Teleseminars within a few days of each session every month.

          I further understand that the Disciplined For Life course is covered by Bobís 365 day Risk-Free MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

          After my order is confirmed, I'll get an electronic receipt within 15 minutes and Iím absolutely assured that this on-line transaction is 100% secure.

          Yes! The rest is totally up to you, Take action now!

          If you agree to my offer, all you need to do is to click on the buy button, fill in the form on the next page, and you'll get instant access to your Disciplined For Life package.

          The only way I can help you to make a difference in your life, is only a few clicks away from now, and all it needs is just 2 minutes of your time to complete the entire order process!

          P.S: For only $37, you'll get the Disciplined For Life package, with three additional bonuses worth over $245 for FREE. This package will almost guarantee you will live your dreams, achieve all your goals, and be as successful as you can be! Order Now!

          P.P.S: With our Iron-clad Risk Free Money Back 365 day money back guarantee, you have everything to gain. You can get your instant access right now, even if it's 2am in the morning!

          "A wonderful book! A complete inside-out approach to your success. It is written in a manner that gets you committed first to your and to your dreams.

          It then guides you through a well thought-out process to make your dreams a reality. A great help in finding the discipline and courage you need to soar!"

          Lily Walters, Execuitve Director,
          Walters International Speakers Bureau